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Leaves of Learning Leaves of Learning

Our education philosophy is simple

Our goal is to ignite the love of learning and keep it alive. We do this by offering a wide range of classes that are engaging and real. In addition, we recognize the importance of small class-size in maintaining a quality learning environment. Our low student/teacher ratio—about ten students per class— means students get individual attention.

Families design their own program, based on each child's individual needs. Some students take only one or two classes per week while others attend all four days. Classes run from September through May, with time off for Winter and Spring breaks.

Leaves of Learning gives students the opportunity to grow as individuals, at their own pace, in an environment that accepts them for who they are.


Important Messages

LOL Covid-19 Plan
It is our goal to return to in-person classes on Sept. 29th. We have plans in place that are safe, respectful, and that preserve the sense of a loving community. Please read the details by clicking the link in the banner at the top of the page.

Reason for Delayed Start
A delayed start will give us the advantage of watching and learning from the experiences of other schools and universities, who will have been open since mid-Aug. This will allow us to make educated adjustments and changes to our plans as needed.

In-person Start-up Criteria
The local infection rate must be 5% or lower and testing must be readily available.

Safety Features
Mask-wearing will be a major part of our safety protocol. All students (not including Little Sprouts), teachers and staff will need to wear a mask when inside the building. Mask breaks will be interwoven into the day.

All teachers and staff will attend training so that we can keep everyone as safe as possible with consistency and calm.

Safety Features
We will make use of our large classrooms and small class sizes to spread out. Windows will be open as much as possible. Additional, supervised, outside space will be opened for lunches and classes.

Safety Features
Each classroom will be equipped with a high quality air purifier. Class dismissals will be staggered to limit hallway traffic. Drop-off and pick-up protocols will be modified.

Safety Features
We ask parents to be vigilant about keeping children home who exhibit ANY signs of illness.

Upcoming Events

Remote Open House Meetings

9/29/2020   9:30 AM
First Day of Classes!