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Fitness is probably one of the most important determiners of a person's general well-being. Students are introduced to both new and traditional ways to stay active and fit, learning skills that will stay with them for a lifetime. Our fitness classes embrace the whole student, helping each student develop and maintain healthy habits which will improve their immune systems, give them more energy, and help create a positive outlook on life.
Dance Workshop (8-12) MPR/Stage
Teacher: Julie Locker
Outside Work: Minimal
Ages: 8 - 12
1.5 Hour Class; 1 day/week
Yearly Materials Fee : $35.00
A high-energy dance class that samples hip-hop, tap, musical theater, ballet, jazz, and more! Does your child want to dance but is unsure of what style he or she would like best? Or maybe you love ALL styles of dance! In this dance class, students will be taught the basic foundation for the styles of ballet, jazz, and tap dance on a regular basis. We will learn the history and culture of classical dance and how dance has evolved through the years. We will also have several performances for family and friends throughout the year. Students will have a blast! Tap and ballet shoes are required, as well as comfy athletic clothing.

Health and Nutrition 14+ Wed. 9:30 Rm. 30
Teacher: Lisa Andrews
Outside Work: Minimal
Ages: 14 and up
1.5 Hour Class; 1 day/week
Yearly Materials Fee : $40.00
What food is in your food? Do you need a supplement? How can you feel better, prevent disease and fuel for fitness? Students will learn nutrition concepts like label reading, meal planning and other skills and behaviors for maintaining good health in a positive, encouraging environment. Optional Book Purchase.

Yoga For Teens Wed. 1:00 Rm. 32
Teacher: Layla Reed
Outside Work: Minimal
Ages: 13 and up
1.25 Hour Class; 1 day/week
Yearly Materials Fee : $35.00
This class promotes mindfully practicing yoga poses on the mat and engaging in activities that promote mindfulness off the mat. Students will have the opportunity to develop strength, flexibility, and balance - both physically and mentally through poses, breathing, concentration, relaxation, and meditation techniques; they will also begin to incorporate positive discussion and journaling into the practice. Yoga mat and journal/notebook required.

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