Classes: Frequently Asked Questions

Can LOL be used as full time school?

Yes. LOL offers a full range of classes to meet educational requirements for every age.

How many students are in each class?

We recognize the importance of small class size in maintaining a quality learning environment, and keep an average of ten students per class.

How do I know what age group is best for my child?

Age is often a good starting point when deciding how to place students in a group situation. However, students of the same age are not necessarily at the same place academically, socially, or emotionally. LOL offers multi-age classes spanning 2-3 years, allowing students to be placed where they fit best, without the stigma of being "ahead" or "behind."

We advise parents not to be too quick to automatically think their child should be in an older group. A child's emotional and social needs are just as important as his or her academic needs. Our small class sizes usually allow us to challenge most students. We rely on our teachers to make group change recommendations.

Click here for more information about selecting core classes (math, science, etc.)

What if a class doesn’t work out?

We want students to be happy in their classes, and recognize that sometimes a class is not a fit and a change will need to be made. We encourage students to give the class a chance before making a decision. One or two days is not enough time to tell! If a class change is necessary, please contact the administration via email and explain the reason for the change. Classes changed after July 1 will incur a $15 per class change fee.

Do classes have homework?

Teachers assign relevant outside-of-class assignments to provide students with a depth of knowledge not possible thorough in-class work alone. Completion of these assignments is integral to success in the class. We ask students and parents to take the responsibility for making sure this work is completed. Homework expectations can be adjusted to the meet the individual abilities of each of our students. Homework must be completed to remain in the class; we ask that each student work to the best of his/her potential. Please make sure you and your child are willing to make the time commitment specified in each class description. Some classes require little or no outside work. For these classes, any outside work is optional.