Why Homeschool for High School?

Homeschooling for high school may be the smartest way to go!

Homeschooling offers a unique, individualized learning experience. Many parents say that it almost makes more sense to homeschool for high school than the earlier years! Homeschoolers are more independent learners; they require less supervision and can take charge of their own education. There are many advantages to homeschooling teenagers:

Time Advantages

  • Time to travel
  • Time to focus on academics (few distractions)
  • Time for family interaction
  • Time to develop a special talent
  • Time to participate in sports
  • Time to participate in an internship
  • Time to volunteer
  • Time and freedom to develop autonomy
  • Time for in-depth learning
  • Time to get the additional sleep that teenagers need at this developmental stage!
  • Academic Advantages

  • Opportunity to develop self-motivation (#1 skill needed for success)
  • Growth of self-esteem and confidence
  • Opportunity to individualize education
  • Parental involvement
  • Opportunity to develop skills needed to successfully take charge of education
  • Homeschoolers score higher on SAT and ACT tests and outperform their public school    peers in college
  • Colleges actively recruit homeschoolers
  • Opportunity to nurture gifts and talents
  • Opportunity to offer extra time and support for instruction
  • Social Advantages

  • Strengthens family relationships
  • Parents can mentor their teens as they develop important life skills
  • Students learn to be a part of the community, interacting with all ages
  • Reduced peer pressure
  • Provides a safer physical environment