High School

Leaves of Learning Leaves of Learning

LOL has been a big success for our teens!

LOL teens believe in themselves and are successful in their endeavors after high school. They have a level of independence and ownership of their education that serves them well in college and in their post-high school careers. 92% percent of LOL high school seniors go on to college.

We attribute our students’ success to the respectful, nurturing environment, small class sizes, caring facilitators and the students themselves. Our program gives students the opportunity to enroll in some of the more difficult high school subjects—which are sometimes hard to teach at home—as well as classes such as art and drama. The quality of our classes, in combination with the positive social environment, fills a gap that enables students to continue their non-traditional education through high school.

Our teens are integral members of a caring community. The younger students look up to the teens as mentors and the teens in turn appreciate and honor the younger students. The social continuity and warm environment at LOL are highly conducive to real learning.

“The teachers teach to you, rather than to the class. I like the freedom we get; LOL is more like a college.”

—Thomas, age 15


Important Messages

LOL Covid-19 Plan
It is our goal to return to in-person classes as soon as safely possible. We are doing our best to make plans that are safe, respectful, and that preserve the sense of a loving community. Specific safety information has been emailed to all families.

Opening Plans
Delayed Start Date: Sept. 29th Plan A: In-person start with remote option Plan B: Hybrid In-person/Online with remote option Plan C: Online

Reason for Delayed Start
A delayed start will give us the advantage of watching and learning from the experiences of other schools and universities, who will have been open since mid-Aug. This will allow us to make educated adjustments and changes to our plans as needed.

Reason for Delayed Start Date
A delayed start will allow more time for the local infection rate to be reduced and improve the availability of testing.

Safety Features
Mask-wearing will be a major part of our safety protocol. We are holding off on making specific mask use details at this time. It is our goal to provide mask-free times during the day for all students and staff members.

Students 9 and younger
Masks will not be required on a regular basis for children 9 and under but all safety provisions will be closely followed.

Safety Features
We will make use of our large classrooms and small class sizes to spread out. Windows will be open as much as possible. Additional, supervised, outside space will be opened for lunches and classes.

Safety Features
Place high quality air purifiers in as many classes as possible (we have 6 right now).Stagger class dismissals to limit hallway traffic Change drop-off and pick-up procedures

Safety Features
Ask parents to be vigilant about keeping children home if they exhibit any signs of illness. Meet with all teachers to discuss a unified plan to keep everyone as safe as possible. Clearly and quickly communicate all expectations and updated information

Upcoming Events

Remote Open House Meetings