What is Snell’s law?

According to scienceworld.wolfram.com, Snell's law gives the relationship between angles of incidence and refraction for a wave impinging on an interface between two media with different indices of refraction. The law follows from the boundary condition that a wave be continuous across a boundary, which requires that the phase of the wave be constant on any given plane, resulting in

where and
are the angles from the normal of the incident and refracted waves, respectively.

There, isn’t that simple?

No? Well then maybe LOL students can help clear things up a bit.

Why a music video about Snell’s law?

Christine Turpin had so many musicians in her physics class last year that she decided it would be a shame not to put those talents to use explaining Snell’s law. Christine wrote the lyrics and used Pink's song So What, changing “So what” to “Snell's law” and “I wanna start a fight” to “I wanna study light.” The song is a great fit!

The kids put a ton of work into the project: Gabi did the vocals, many of the visuals, and was a driving force in the production.Alex and Hunter were especially gung-ho; Greg was on the drums;and many other Leaves of Learning students kicked in exuberantly. Ben Meyer, Christine’s husband,did the video editing. Enjoy the video and awesome talents of LOL students!