Our Program

Individual choices of play and work

Little Sprouts program provides children with individual choices of play and work, allowing solo exploration as well as peer learning. Through projects, learning centers and group activities, children develop social, academic, visual and motor skills as they explore math, science, literacy, social studies and the arts. Groups come together in a nurturing, collaborative environment, with teachers who design learning experiences that are responsive to student interests and involve exploration and expression. Our flexible program enables families to choose which days and times work best for their child. Families choose from two to four days per week (Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday or all four days), with either half or fulltime days.

Gentle, caring teachers

We believe the best teachers are facilitators–guiding children as they explore their world, documenting their ideas, and supporting them in their learning. We hire knowledgeable teachers who are passionate about their subjects, teach in an interactive, engaging way, and love and respect our children. By integrating all areas of the curriculum and encouraging in-depth learning experiences, Little Sprouts teachers help children discover and develop their skills and talents, experience deep thinking, and develop positive social interaction skills.

Little Sprouts tuition and fees

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