Our Students

Our students are the reason we're here!

Our students—who range in age from 3-18—are integral members of a caring community. Rather than being surrounded solely by their peers, LOL students have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of ages. The younger students look up to the older students as mentors and the older students in turn appreciate and honor the younger students.

LOL provides an opportunity for students to meet new people, navigate new social situations and learn in a group setting. The social continuity and warm environment are conducive to real learning.

Special Needs Sudents

While Leaves of Learning can occasionally accommodate students with minor special needs who are high functioning, we are not a program for special needs students. We recommend you talk with a specialist to find a place where your child can receive the attention he or she needs.

“It’s really nice to belong to a community where I am liked for who I am.”

— Brittany O., age 13